Uluwatu Temple is known for its location which is just right on the top of a rock that juts out to the sea, makes it a favourite place for tourists who visit Peninsula Hill at South of Bali. The visitors could witness the beauty of rocky cliffs, and as far as the eye could see, the traveller will be treated by amazing blue ocean view. Not only that, the visitors will also be able to find the presence of the surfers, “playing” with the waves not far from the temple. And the most beautiful moment to witness in this place is just before the sun sets. The traveller could watch the beautiful sunset from the edge of the cliff around the temple.

Uluwatu comes from two words. Ulu, meaning the Top, and Watu means the Stone. The given name is literally in accordance to the location itself, at an altitude of 97 meters, Uluwatu Temple has its own uniqueness. In front of the temple there is a large green forest which known as Alas Kekeran. This forest is known as a sanctuary for temple purity by Balinese people. Uluwatu is known as Pura Sad Kayangan which is considered by Hindu as a part of the nine points of winds, the elements that preserve the island. Formerly, this place was the location of worship by Empu Kuturan. This was then continued by Dang Hyang Nirartha, who finally became the ancestor in this temple.

Uluwatu Temple is in Pecatu Village which is also a part of South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. The location of the Uluwatu Temple is quite crowded, so the supporting facilities there are also very complete. It is easy to find many good food, transport, and the travellers could also find various places to stay, from the budget hotels or homestay until the most expensive, you choose.

Here you will get five beautiful moments. First is the view of the sunsets at around 6:15 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. You will find many people trying to get a photo in this area, or even pre-wedding photos.

The second is the beauty of the sunset combined with the beauty of the panoramic views of the cliffs and the Indian Ocean, right in front of you. There are many trees and other plans around there. This makes Uluwatu Temple area are quite cool. Especially in December and January, there are many flowers from peacock trees.

The fourth is Kecak Dance performance that is carried out every day, starting at 6:00 p.m. until 19:00 a.m. on the open stage of the Uluwatu Temple area. This is probably the most important thing that you should try, because the experience is so amazing. While enjoying the Kecak Dance performance, you will be accompanied by the natural beauty of the sunset from the stage seating.

The last attraction is the life of around 300 monkeys on the pedestal of the Uluwatu Temple. The species are long-tailed. Visitors could enjoy the view of the life of monkeys. But you must take care of your luggage, and other little shiny things like glasses, necklace or even hat. Because they might often take these items. Visitors of the temple are not allowed to give food to the monkeys. Unless you are accompanied by a tour guide or management officer. Sometimes you could see the monkeys bathing in the bathing pool that the management has made.

Caution, if you want to take the photos with monkey you must be careful because sometimes they could bite you. And if it happens, you need to get the vaccine immediately.

Uluwatu Temple is an amazing place, it is worth for you to visit and it has a unique and peace atmosphere that you will not find in any other place in the world.



The New Year’s celebrations in Bali is generally felt most in the central tourist areas such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Petitenget. From sunset until the early morning, the area seems to have never slept with music, trumpets, and fireworks where every hotel, bar and restaurant from the cheapest to the most luxurious competes to hold a lively new year party, starting from carrying out unique themes to presenting world-renowned DJs and musicians.

But Kuta and Seminyak area has been always so crowded and lots of traffic for the last few years. And if you’re trying to look for another good place, Uluwatu is the best choice. Less traffic, and has a different atmosphere off course. There’s many good places in Uluwatu to enjoy, such as Ulu Cliffhouse or Omnia Beach Club.

Ulu Cliffhouse offers a series of international menus inspired by Chef Muñoz’s trip to several countries in the world also pampers his guests with sea views from a height of 25 meters. Its location at the top of the cliff makes it one of the favorite places to relax for tourists. It also has a direct access to the beach area by descending several steps. The Shed London design team that designed the Ulu Cliffhouse provided a modern, contemporary and youthful touch to its architecture and interior.

Separated by a height of 25 meters, the swimming pool at Ulu Cliffhouse is an oasis in Uluwatu for those who want to relax without having to go down through many stairs. At the side of the pool, there is a lounge equipped with a hammock, able to accommodate up to 300 guests. The drink is available in many choices, ranging from fresh juices, kombucha, tonics to herbs. When its sunset, stop by the Ocean Deck which provides several cocktail concoctions and secret paths to the soft and sandy beach that borders the clear sea water. Or if you want to have fun all night, the Ulu Cliffhouse regularly brings famous DJs to live the atmosphere and entertainment.

Looking for another catchy place? Omnia Beach Club Uluwatu is the answer. On this upcoming New Year’s Eve, Omnia Beach Club will present a sensational Extravaganza Party, on the edge of our infinity pool, while watching the sunset at the end of 2018 & celebrate the new year in style. Feel the experience which you will certainly not find anywhere else. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, where the sea meets the sky on the horizon entertained by various guest stars and music that is guaranteed to keep you dancing from noon to nightfall. At midnight, it will be the peak celebration when they will deliver the midnight fireworks show above the Indian Ocean, we will enter the early hours of the new year until 2am.

This New Year’s Eve entertainment will be colored by the shrewdness of some guest stars. One of them is a DJ that is known globally, DJ Ruckus from USA. Curious about the rest of the artist? Be sure to check it out their official website!


The inspiring story behind the mighty Garuda Wisnu Kencana Maestro

The inspiring story behind the mighty Garuda Wisnu Kencana Maestro

Garuda Wisnu Kencana was inspired by Hindu mythology about the search of Amerta or the elixir of life.

According to this myth Garuda agreed to be ridden by Wisnu in return for the right to use the elixir to liberate his enslaved mother.

Everyone flying to Bali surely will not miss the view of this giant, massive statue of Wisnu, one of Balinese Hindu Gods, riding his mount Garuda, the mythical bird from above.  As high as more than 120 meters and located in The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park Ungasan,  Bali which is around 10-15 minutes driving from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is established as the landmark of Bali.

The 75 meters tall and 65 meters wide, sits atop pedestal to bring the total height of the monument  to 121 meters, which is 30 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty in The United States,  was designed by the legendary Bali’s sculptor Maestro Nyoman Nuarta.

Was born as Balinese, Nyoman Nuarta was the sixth of nine sons of an established rice farmer trader.

He always keep in mind the Balinese philosophy “Live as The Rays” and his mother expected him to be a great Balinese artist.

As a young boy Nuarta also had seen the green of terracering padi fields managed by Subak. Subak is the Balinese community of irrigation system to anticipate the dry season by irrigated water from the hill toward to above, so all Balinese rice field will keep sustainable of water.  Nuarta then adopted the Subak’s concept into his life to survive.

During his younger years, he too learned from his mother on how to managed their rice fields, sense of business naturally so then he knows how to manage problems in his artist community.

It was then when Indonesian policy starts to point out Bali as national tourist destination and Nuarta was asked by the former Minister of Culture Mr. Joop Ave and the former Governor of Bali Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Oka to create the something new of Bali in order to improve the tourist  destinations. Nuarta then remembered his fantasy as a child about Wisnu and his Garuda, his promise to his mother that one day he will create something big for Bali, so he decided to make that fantasy happen and in no longer time started the project.

It was 1989 when his proposal was approved by Soeharto, Indonesian former president which even did the ground breaking at Ungasan.

Unfortunately, 10 years before the land acquisition had finished economic crisis occurred and the project was unhold while there were also many uncertain moments around the material costs.

As frustrated as he was, Nuarta’s passion as an artist never faded and soon encouraged himself to finish what he had in mind kept for years for his homeland, Bali. He decided then to start again with the project, first part of Garuda Wisnu Kencana is done by created Wisnu’s bust statue in 30 meters high.

For years the bust statue of Wisnu & Garuda could be seen in Ungasan area. All people come and go to and from the island of Bali by planes must have remember how it looked when their aircrafts is about to landing or leave the land.

Nowadays, 25 years after his proposal was approved by Soeharto and among experiencing many ups and downs Indonesia had been through, this giant massive new statue of Wisnu god riding his Garuda finally stand tall and be the pride of Bali.

Nyoman Nuarta’s dream, capabilities and innovations made him the greatest artist created the tallest statue in the world.


Holiday Blast at Single Fin: Bali Nightlife For Surfers at Uluwatu

Holiday Blast at Single Fin: Bali Nightlife For Surfers at Uluwatu

This December! Make sure to visit Single Fin in the Uluwatu (Ulus) area during your stay in the Island.

Meet the holiday blast with loved ones and friends. What do you have in mind to make this season an unforgettable one?

Among surfers and non-surfers, it is definitely the right place to hang out if you feel like spending fantastic evenings, perfect place for Sunday nights.

Located on the majestically cliffs of Uluwatu, Single Fin is neatly nestled just below the Blue Point Hotel.  A really jaw dropping place with spectacular views, it started from scratch & humbleness as a surfer’s hang out where one could observe the rolling surf before going down to some thrilling rides, and quickly moved to the top and becoming the legend of Uluwatu.

Mesmerizing atmosphere, Ice cold beer, choices of good coffee, fantastic food and cool music including regular international DJs and live acts will simply make the coming to Single Fin is a must-do for anyone visiting Bali, whether you’re a first timer or not.

Many say that it’s a surreal experience to dance under the stars while waves are crashing below. Sunday night is the big night, nice music and ambience. And if you’re a surfer and happen to need any or just want to check on things then you might also take a look into the adjoining surf shop featuring surf wear, gear, books, photos as well as surf memorabilias

The most favorite spot to be while enjoying stunning views of one surfing spiritual homes will be at the cozy balcony, not to mention the biggest awesomeness we got when the sun sinks into the Indian Ocean, try to come early at least one hour before sunset to find a seat or book a table in advance especially on weekends.

The bar seems to be a bit too hectic during the weekly jam sessions but if you love being part of great crowd, then just go for it! Drop in for sundowner and watch the place come alive with the DJs and live music.

However, at any time of the day you can simply go to their bar and order cold Bintang to enjoyed with the stunning view. Be prepared though to pay more than the average cost you have to pay somewhere else but all you’ll find and get in Single Fin is worth the price indeed.

Despite all the gorgeousness and goodness of this place, it’s a bit hard for someone to get taxis that drop off people like most of other tourist’s destinations, you’ll have to walk up the road a bit to get one.

One thing’s for sure, an open space like Single Fin, you can easily find a lot of insects & bugs at night so make sure to bring some insect repellent, otherwise you’ll be dancing & scratching your skin at the same time.

However, do not let all little night creatures and insects, the heat or maybe eating problems interfere your healthiness and turn your holiday into disaster. Stay fit, drink a lot of water, eat as much as you need, do some small routine exercise while you’re enjoying the beaches and you’ll be alright.

If you happen to get some minor health problem and need to meet a professional, there’s a plenty of 24 hours medical care around the Island, equipped with modern medical necessities and provided by board certified professionals. We do!

DWPX 2018, The Journey : A Decade of Peace, Dance, Unity Dedication

DWPX 2018, The Journey : A Decade of Peace, Dance, Unity Dedication

DWPX is your early celebration on this month!

While Christmas Day and the New Year are definitely good reasons for epic celebrations, our cool friends from Ismaya Group might have added another thing to celebrate early on this month.

Marking its first decade (hence the X) of being one of the world’s most expected EDM festival, 2018 will see Djakarta Warehouse Project (widely known and called as, simply, DWP) dragging its massive amount of team, crew, stages, artists and performers well outside its home-base, Jakarta, all the way to Bali’s famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park for three days promised to be packed with fun, excitement, and chances for us to dance our hearts out with the best line up of EDM artists and performers.

Back then in 2008, the much-loved festival has originally started as an event hosted by Blowfish,

A Jakarta-based night club establishment owned by the group, calling it Blowfish Warehouse Project, in which 5000 partygoers flocked the available three arenas.

Skipping the whole next year to rebrand and re-concept the event as the group noticed the excitement it has enticed in the hearts of the people attending, the first ever Djakarta Warehouse Project was held in 2010.

Ismaya launched the tagline “Peace, Dance, Unity” for DWP and moved the occasion to a much bigger, concert/festival-appropriate venue of Pantai Carnaval, North Jakarta, impressing audiences with the spectacular performance of big names such as Dash Berlin.

Along the years, DWP has switched so many venues and brought so many influential people in the EDM industry from all over the world to the country’s capital Jakarta, and with greatly constructed stages and venue planning, it is clear that Ismaya is doing something right that attracts people to keep coming for more.

This year, the mega festival will be held from 7 to 9 December (yikes, that’s like tomorrow!) with The Weeknd as the main attraction, along with Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Muramasa, Kungs, Alesso, and many more.

Early bird and presale tickets has sold out from God knows when, and if you really want to experience the much-praised DWP then the only thing left for you would be the early entry and normal tickets, ranging from IDR 2,000 to 2,500 K for a 3 days pass and IDR 800 to 1,200 K for the daily passes.

The remaining VIP Gold tickets are also available if you have no problem spending IDR 4,500 K for a 3 days pass or IDR 1,600 to 1,800 K for the daily pass. Aside from buying them online, you can get tickets offline at Kitchenette Beachwalk, Bali.

Visit the DWP website or Instagram handle for further information regarding how to get yourself some tickets.

If you’re coming from outside Bali, the good people from Ismaya have kindly provide packages including accommodation at assorted hotels within close proximities, a 3 days pass, and shuttle from and to the venue, ranging from IDR 6,700 to 7,810 K; which, if we may add, is actually a very good deal for Bali prices. Be sure to check their Instagram feed to check what stuff is prohibited for you to bring to the venue (psst, it’s a LOT) so you won’t have to carry a heavy bag only to see most of the contents being snatched from you at the search gate, and also to check the shuttle route and options to ensure you get to the venue alright.

Now that you have almost every information you might need, we think we might add an update about current Bali weather.

Since it’s the Australian winter these days, along with the fact that the country is located quite near from Bali, it will be no use for you to bring those cute summery outfits because it has been raining so much here for the past month or so.

Instead, you might want to throw warmer clothing like jumper and hoodies into your suitcase, though a raincoat or rain jacket will be much more useful to wear for the event. As we all know, with the bad weather comes the seasonal cold and influenza.

Add in the booze factor, and you might find yourself stranded on your hotel bed instead of joining the crowd at GWK. Stay fit and don’t forget to rehydrate after every wild night you have on the island with our special Hydro Medical Banana Bag Package and grab a friend while you’re at it because guess what? We’re giving you a Buy One Get One deal during DWPX so there will be no excuse for you to miss a day of the extravagance.

So, let’s party!!