The Honest Truth about Bali Through a Local’s Eyes

The Honest Truth about Bali Through a Local’s Eyes


You may know this tropical paradise as one of the most talked about holiday destinations in the modern world. So many travel channels have had it featured on their shows and it seems like all your friends have been here (and talk about it all the time).

For so many foreigners, Bali is just a piece of heaven that you get to spend some time in before going back to the countries you call home. Relaxing at the beach, dipping toes in the water, all that dancing and drinking and eating, you’ll get to do those all here.

For us who actually live here, though, Bali is much more than that: it’s our home. Our Bali is not just the one full of live music and beer bottles, it’s also one of serene mornings with dogs roaming free on the streets.

Instead of crazy nights at the beach clubs, we have gamelan sounds coming from local banjars and ceremonies held in local puras. Those lush green paddy fields are not just pretty for the eyes, they’re also the main necessity in our diet. Any local will tell you that no meal is complete without a good amount of warm, white rice.

Bali for us is a source of good energy; a peace of mind lost in any other area of this beloved country called Indonesia. When everyone got their toes too deep in the presidential election, for example, this little island stayed true to itself and just kept everyone within cool-headed, resulting in some of the best examples of multi-racial relationships this country needs to look up to.

The smell of burning incense throughout the day mixes perfectly well with the beauty of the hand-crafted penjors made by the hands of the Balinese people all over the island; bringing peace to our tired souls.

What makes this island beautiful? In our opinion, it’s the locals’ ability to keep their roots; embracing their religious teachings and culture when everyone else has lost connection to their inner selves.

Only in Bali will you see people still wearing traditional clothes to work, youngsters being actively involved in their neighbourhood banjar or pura activities, men and women socializing in a very close-knit circles, and religious ceremonies being celebrated in every color possible.

It’s the kind hearts of the people that treats race and culture difference as something to embrace and nurture instead of something to be scared about.

When you come to the island, do try to open not only your eyes but also your heart. Listen to the sound of gamelan coming from the banjars all around you. Smell the incense, taste the food, take plenty of pictures, get in the water, lie by the beach, have a beer, but most of all, be happy, just like we do.

We welcome you to our home.



Despite being a considerably small island, Bali is packed with many great natural attractions.

Highlands with volcanoes, flowing waterfalls, peaceful lakes, forested mountains, and you cannot but be amazed by the beauty of the thousands of hectares of lush green paddy fields that cascade in terraces from the upper reaches of volcanoes down to the deep valleys below as if sculpted from the mountain side.

Among the many natural destinations that stretch almost all across the island, here are the three best places that you must visit.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in the heart of Tabanan Regency is the best example of Bali’s outstanding picturesque rice fields and represent the Subak irrigation system as Bali’s Cultural Landscape which has been inscribed a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in June 2012.

In June 2017, former US President Barack Obama with his family made Jatiluwih their particular destination, enjoy and admire its beauty and significance. Jatiluwih, in the Balinese language translated means Beautiful Teak, located near the coast at an altitude of 640 meters above sea level, the cool mountain air merges with the warm sea breeze.

The breath-taking scenery of this village at the foot of Mount Batukaru makes for wonderful photo opportunities, and serves as a soothing retreat away from Bali’s crowded south. It’s approximately 3 hours’ drive with the car from Kuta to get here.

You will pass some cafes with tables overlooking the terraces along the way, which make the perfect place to enjoy magnificent sceneries.

Especially for you guys who loves diving and snorkelling, then you should visit Menjangan Island. It is home to the rare but friendly Javan Deer also attracts many visitor’s due to its excellent diving and snorkelling.

Located 10 km off the northwest coast of Bali, the small island of Menjangan is part of the West Bali National Park, which includes an open savannah, dense rainforests, mangrove swamps, and coral reefs.

The park is home to over 300 different species of animals and birds, most particularly the endangered starling. Menjangan Island is also perfect habitat for tuna, batfish, turtles, angelfish, jackfish, or even sharks. The famous fish you could find here is the Mandarine Fish, which has very beautiful colour with a snaking motion like a dancer.

You can find this beautiful fish when snorkelling at a depth of 10-60 meters.

And the last is Lemukih Waterfall. It is located in Lemukih Village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency.

Lemukih Waterfall has its own uniqueness, where the waterfall consists of 3 location points. Each of them has different heights.

Lemukih Waterfall is still classified as a new traveller’s destination in Bali. It is because there are not many travellers who know about the existence of this exotic nature. No wonder if Lemukih Waterfall is still very natural. There, you could swim in the clear water since there is a large “natural pool” right under the waterfall.

Those are three best natural spots definitely must visit when you’re traveling Bali, as there are many beautiful spots to take pictures.

Mind yourself to stay hydrate and fresh. Our IV Drip packages will overcome the fatigue with a healthy boost of nutrients.

So, do you know any other place that has a stunning beauty of nature?


Bali Travel Health in 1 minute : wound care caused by scooter accidents

Bali Travel Health in 1 minute : wound care caused by scooter accidents

Although it is fun to drive a scooter in Bali, scooter accident is just too much to happen. Cause it is fast, efficient, get less trap by the traffic jam and obviously get tanned too.

Hi Bali travelers, my name is Dyah. I am a professional medical doctor from Bali. Yes, it’s me again. welcome to Bali. I am a doctor but I enjoy sharing the tips for traveling, within healthy condition of course.

I mean, feel free to drive, but please be very careful. In some places you will find holes on the street, animals passing, some trucks passed by.

Especially in the night time, expect to find where there could be less or even no lights and the streets are getting to dark. When it comes to heavy rain, the situation you’ll encounter will be getting harder and you might get injured.

If the injury is not too serious and you are confidence enough to take care the wound, here are some few tips:

Go find rinse water and soap, clean all soil, pebbles and the sand that contaminating the wound for 15 minutes or longer. Get povidone-iodine antiseptic liquid, apply with sterile gauze on skin surround the wound. Try to irrigate the wound with saline solution.

Infection may still occur even after proper wound cleaning. So I suggest if you’re still in doubt see a professional doctor to reduce the risk of infection and getting as highly as possible scarless wound.

Make sure to take the first wound picture, so we can assess the need fot the tetanus booster update, antibiotic prophylaxis (yes, it is needed even in Europe and US), and modern wound dressing.

It takes time for wound healing in such himid and hit place like here. But you need to travel still without worrying the wound.

Bali Travel Health Insider Tips in Only 1 minute; Rabies.

Bali Travel Health Insider Tips in Only 1 minute; Rabies.

Hi Bali travelers, my name is Dyah. I am a professional medical doctor from Bali. Yes, I am a Balinese.

I want to welcome you, welcome to Bali and certainly I hope you will fully enjoy your trip.

Did you know that being sick or being troubled by animal exposure could easily turn out to be a disaster if they are not managed properly and precisely.

Here are some useful tips for you in only 1 minute.

Well, basically animal exposure ranges from touching, lick, scraths and bite. The main question is Do we have rabies here?

For your information, Rabies is a wordwide viral disease. It happens in all continents, except Antartica. So the answer is obviously yes.

Underlined this, that no matter how small the risk is or the size of the exposure, we strongly suggest you to do the following guidelines from WHO:

FIRST, You should immediately clean the area with soap and rinse water for at least 15 minutes. Apply povidone-iodine, that brown antiseptic liquid on the wound site.

SECOND, it is depends on which category of exposure you are in. If you previously had complete vaccination against rabies, then you should get the accelerated booster immediately. But if you haven’t got it, quickly find clinics near to you to get the vaccination and Immunoglobulin ASAP.

You may contact us as we provide complete and excellent rabies exposure care in Bali. Find us 24/7 hours ready response in Kuta, Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud.

You may also find the link to the medical provider and updated WHO guideline for rabies exposure.

Our professional medical experience our range in years and we definitely guarantee to handle this case without worries.

We would like to assist your need to stay healthy and enjoy your trip while in Bali.