Begpackers!! These are five ways for a Bali vacation with a limited budget

Begpackers!! These are five ways for a Bali vacation with a limited budget

To say it simply, a begpacker is someone who goes to foreign countries and beg for a donation from the locals.

That is problematic because tourists are supposed to bring money to help the economy, not taking them out. They seem to think that they are entitled to travel the world so they beg people to give them money.

Bali had enough of begpackers

Bali and indeed Indonesia obviously have no problem with backpackers who want to travel in the lowest possible budget. They are all welcome.

However, begpackers who plan to take advantage of the kindness of locals will be dealt with swiftly and firmly. Tourists who are caught begging will be sent to their respective embassies and banned from entering the country.

An official from Ngurah Rai’s Immigration Office stated that they will no longer tolerate that kind of practice. Indonesia is visa-free for people from many countries, especially western developed ones. Unfortunately, some of the travelers from those take advantage of those privilege to come to touristy areas and beg.

These begpackers are real problems faced by many governments that they start to make a stern stance now.

The idea of touching down in a country knowing you don’t have the financial means to support yourself is surely unimaginable to all but the most self-indulgent traveler. Particularly in a place where the tourist dollar (or rupiah) means such a lot to the local community.

Tourism accounts for up to 80 per cent of Bali’s economy, according to a 2018 Vice magazine article, and has helped lift people out of poverty through an increase in employment opportunities and a rise in regional income. While there are environmental arguments against the impact of the industry, Bali’s residents are at least financially better off than they were a decade ago.But only if visitors are willing to spend.

Those who aren’t – whether Chinese tourists on zero-dollar tours, on which sightseers are wheedled into shopping at stores where all profits are siphoned back to China, or Western begpackers, who would rather sponge off the kindness of strangers than pay their way – are a financial drain on the island.

And a misplaced passport or a stolen wallet are no excuse, either. Consulates and embassies exist to, among other things, help travelers in genuine need of assistance; although it should be noted that having made the “lifestyle choice” to travel off others’ handouts probably doesn’t fall under the category of “genuine need”.

As far as Destinations Known is concerned, there is no romance to poverty and nor is there virtue in travelling the world for free. Someone has to pay for it, somehow, so it might as well be you.

It’s no secret that Bali has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, and not only the local people who go there, foreign tourists also admit that Bali is one of the best tourist destinations.

However, because of the many tourists who come here, there is a perception that traveling to Bali requires a lot of costs. In fact, the truth is not really. If you really want a vacation to Bali, but with a limited budget, you can practice these five ways!

  1. Avoid holidays to Bali when it is again “holiday season” aka high season!

These first tips are important and you should know before deciding to leave for Bali. Usually, school holidays and year-end become the most avoided time if you want a budget trip to Bali. You see, the cost there will swell along with the many tourists who come. Look for a normal day that is more quiet visitors to reduce spending.

  1. Choose a hotel that is cheap and closest to tourist destinations

The location of the hotel is also important so that you can reduce your budget even more. Select the location of the hotel near the tour you want to go to. In addition, you can also try capsule hotels that are more affordable compared to hotels in general.

  1. Motorcycle rental is the best solution for traveling in Bali at a low cost

Compared to using a taxi to travel to Bali, if you can ride a motorcycle, try to rent a motorcycle there. Besides being cheaper and more practical, the motorbike is also faster to take you to your destination especially when the situation is jammed.

  1. Look for a “free” hangout

Who says free is not always good? In Bali, you can easily get free hangouts that have no less good views, for example by visiting the beach.

  1. Look for cheap culinary info around your lodging

You don’t need to be afraid to ask local residents there for cheap “culinary”. If you are still shy, use Google Maps and find culinary recommendations from the reviews of people who have visited it. Thus, you can reduce expenses during holidays in Bali.

Doctor Dyah puts Unicare Clinic Ubud Bali as the Center of Attention

Doctor Dyah puts Unicare Clinic Ubud Bali as the Center of Attention

Spending an adventurous holiday in Bali is almost everyone’s dream.

But beside its beautiful & relaxing beaches, big waves for surfing places, tan skin, mouthwatering delicacies, gorgeous rice fields or lush tropical gardens, you also have to be extra alert for some ugly things that might happen during your holiday.

Like for example got bitten by wild animals that cause you rabies such as dogs, monkeys, squirrels, cats or even a bats that still can be easily seen flying around at nights.

There are quite many people both local and tourist, who experienced got bitten by Bali’s three top animals such as stray dog, bat or monkey especially while visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

A good and qualified  medical clinic is the right place you have to go if such thing happened and get professional help as soon as possible to prevent you from rabies.

Unicare Ubud, open 24 hours a day, is a trusted medical clinic in Bali which provides health services to you and your family during holiday in Bali especially if you’re staying in Ubud. All with top western hygienic standard, the services this clinic provide includes best dental care, quick hangover remedy, ambulance evacuation, certified first aid training, insurance cover, aestetic, wound treatment and the most important, vaccine center (rabies vaccine, immunoglobuline).

Clean and well equipped, the clinic is also staffed by some fluent English fluent speaking Bali’s best qualified medical professionals. Not just the Doctors but the Nurse staffs are exellent at their jobs, polite and also very friendly.

Dr. Dyah Laksmi, simply known by her patients as Dr. Dyah and her whole team are knowledgeable and sincere professionals.

Dr. Dyah herself is a kind, friendly, super helpful and a very caring doctor and she is loved by her patients and well remembered by the way she’s handling them.

A Bali born origin from Gianyar as her hometown, Dr. Dyah strongly believes that helping people for their health issues is important and has her own motto which is Humanity Above All.

She experienced her MD professional career for some hospitals and clinic as well in her past before took her present charge at RSUD Bali Mandara & at Unicare Ubud.

Watching movies is one of her hobby and Harry Potter & Ratatouille are among the movies she loved. The Harry Potter thing matches well her personality from her patients views about her spreading magic charm whenever she’s handling their health issues, wondering if she also loves to cook as well like Ratatouille.

And like many (not all) women around the globe, she loves watching Asian drama, quiz and live music for TV shows. Some Korean bands, Linkin Park and classical music are the kind of music she like to listening to. It is quite awesome because Linkin Park’s is kind of more manly, loud music genre while classical music is very serious and sometimes difficult to listen to.She also enjoy reading inspiring books, medical references, novels and encyclopedia.

You can find Dr. Dyah Laksmi at Unicare Clinic Ubud, Jalan Raya Pengosekan no. 88, Banjar Tegal Kelod, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.




Bitten by Animals? Prevent the Infections with Rabies Vaccine

Bitten by Animals? Prevent the Infections with Rabies Vaccine

The Rabies vaccine is important for preventing infections caused by the rabies virus.

This vaccine works by making the body produce antibodies that can protect the body from the rabies virus. Some groups of people who are unlucky to get rabies to need to get vaccinated. This group of people is animal protection workers, rabies laboratory workers, people whose jobs require contact with mammals, also for tourists who frequently visit countries where there is rabies.

Vaccine Doses

According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC), vaccines can be given to people who have never been infected. In people who have never been approved for rabies, there are three doses must be given, given as follows:

Dosage 1: given anytime.

Dosage 2: given seven days after the first dose.

Dosage 3: given 21 or 28 days after the first dose.

Laboratory workers, rabies or who are often contacted with rabies animals, need to do regular checks.

While for those of you who might have to do rabies because of being bitten by rabies, you should immediately buy a wound and immediately consult a doctor. Through several examinations, the doctor will determine whether you still need the rabies vaccine or not. If you’ve been exposed to rabies and haven’t gotten it before, you should get four doses of the vaccine. Details of the timing of the vaccine are as follows:

Dosage 1: given immediately after exposure to rabies.

Dose 2: given the next three days.

Dose 3: given seven days later.

Dose 4: given 14 days later.

Besides, people who have been exposed to rabies must also get another injection, namely Rabies Immune Globulin, which is given concurrently with the first vaccine dose. Almost the same as other types of vaccination, rabies vaccine does not provide guarantees of protection up to 100 percent. However, this vaccine can reduce your risk of reducing rabies by 95 percent. Self-protection for animals that might be protected still has an important role to protect yourself from this deadly virus.

Although the rabies vaccine is important to administer, there are circumstances where the person cannot be vaccinated. For those of you who have a history of drug allergy, are undergoing treatment, have diseases related to immunity, are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not do the vaccination. It is feared, the vaccine can endanger your health. So consult and tell your doctor about your medical history before vaccinating.

When Should I Get Rabies Vaccine?

There are two types of rabies vaccines available and can be obtained by humans. Both are vaccines to prevent rabies and vaccines given to people who are already infected with this virus. To prevent rabies, there are three doses of vaccine that must be given. One dose vaccine, given the first time the vaccine. Then, a two-dose preventive vaccine, which is given seven days after the first dose is given. Finally, a three-dose vaccine is given 21 days or 28 days after the first dose. In addition to prevention, vaccines are also needed to deal with infecting rabies. The aim is to prevent the virus from spreading and cause other disease complications. Of course, the vaccine for this condition must be under the advice of a doctor. Therefore, do an examination immediately after being bitten by a dog or other animal, especially if after a bite the symptoms appear that lead to rabies virus infection.

Animal Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is a deadly virus that can be transmitted through the saliva of infected animals. Generally, rabies is transmitted to humans through animal bites and can also through scratches, if new animals lick their paws. Some types of animals that can spread the rabies virus include dogs, cats, monkeys, skunks, ferrets, raccoons, to bats. Rabies in pets such as dogs and cats seem to be more aware because these two animals are the most maintained and interact with humans. If you have a dog, you must provide a dog rabies vaccine for your pet. When raising cats, of course, the cat rabies vaccine must also be carried out. The Rabies vaccine is mandatory for all animals that have the potential to spread rabies. The Anti-rabies vaccine in animals aims to prevent the spread of the virus because basically this virus is not deadly to animals. The symptom of rabies in animals is that animals generally become far more aggressive, which is why rabies is often referred to as ‘mad dog’ disease.

Human Rabies Vaccine

In contrast to its effects on animals, rabies will be more dangerous if it nests humans. Rabies causes disorders of the brain and central nervous system so that it can cause death in humans. Symptoms of rabies usually begin with fever, weakness, headaches, pain in bitten parts of the body, anxiety, tingling, nausea and vomiting, muscle tension until muscle paralysis, and behavioral changes that become more aggressive. Until now there has not been found a drug that can overcome rabies, so the steps to overcome it are more focused on preventive measures. Prevention can be done by cleaning wounds from animal bites that have the potential for rabies and providing anti-rabies serum and anti-rabies vaccine.

Who needs the rabies vaccine?

The Rabies vaccine is generally given to humans bitten by potentially rabies animals. The Anti-rabies vaccine is given by following the dose and within a certain period. ]The human rabies vaccine does not always have to use animal bites, but can also be given as early prevention.

It is generally recommended that a rabies vaccine be carried out by people who have a higher risk of being bitten by animals. Examples include people who raise cats and dogs or who have jobs related to these animals. So if you have a dog or cat, not only is a dog and cat rabies vaccine needed, but you should also do an anti-rabies vaccine as prevention.

Doses of human rabies vaccine

The rabies vaccine dose is as many as 5 injections given over 21 days period. The first dose is given immediately after being bitten and the second dose is given on the seventh day after the bite. Whereas the third dose and so on are given between the 14th day, 21st and 28th day of being bitten. If you have previously had the rabies vaccine, then the dose given after being bitten is different. The dose is 2 injections and given within 3 days, namely on the day when bitten and the third day thereafter. In addition to being vaccinated, an anti-rabies serum is needed to prevent the virus from spreading quickly. The Serum will prevent the development of the virus before the vaccine antibodies are formed. The anti-rabies serum dose is around 20-40 IU for every kilogram of body weight.

Price of rabies vaccine for humans

The price of the rabies vaccine for humans varies, depending on the clinic or hospital providing it. However, the average price of an anti-rabies vaccine is around IDR 250,000 – IDR 300,000. If the price offered is much cheaper or more expensive than the nominal value, then it is worth it to be suspected.

Better not be tempted by cheap prices, given the rise of fake vaccine cases lately. Preferably to the nearest certified medical clinic such as Unicare Clinic.


How to avoid a PTSD Relapse when you’re on holiday and what to do

How to avoid a PTSD Relapse when you’re on holiday and what to do

What is PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder characterised by failure to recover after witnessing or experiencing a terrifying event. A psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who once had experience or witness a traumatic event such as natural disaster,a serious accident, terrorist act, war/combat, rape or other personal violent.

PTSD has been known by many names in the past such as “shell shock” during the time of World War I and “combat fatigue” after World War II but PTSD do not just happen to combat veterans. It can occur in all people, of any nationality, ethnicity or culture and age. It can affect people who personally experience the traumatic event, those who witness the event or those who pick up the pieces afterwards such as emergency workers and law enforcement officers. PTSD can also result from surgery performed on children too young to fully understand what is happening to them.

Following a traumatic event, almost everyone experiences at least some of the symptoms of PTSD. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered, it is normal to feel unbalanced,disconnected or numb. It is very common to have bad dreams, feel fearful or find it difficult not to think about what had happened.  These are normal reactions to abnormal situations.

For most people, however, these symptoms are short-lived. They may last for several days or even weeks, but they gradually lift. But if you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the symptoms do not decrease.  You don’t feel a bit better each day, instead you may start to feel worse.

Symptoms of PTSD

While everyone experience PTSD differently, there are four main types of symptoms :

  • Re-experiencing the traumatic event through intrusive memories, nightmares, flashbacks or intense mental or physical reactions when reminded the trauma.
  • Avoiding and Numbance such as avoiding anything that reminding you at the trauma, being unable to remember aspect of the ordeal, a loss of activities and life in general, feeling emotionally numb and detached from others and a sense of a limited future.
  • Hyper arousal including sleep problems, irritability, feeling jumpy or easily startled, angry outburst and aggressive, self destructive or reckless behaviour.
  • Negative thought and mood changes like feeling alienated and alone, difficulty concentrating and remembering, distressing and hopelessness, feeling mistrust and betrayal, feeling guilt, shame or self-blame.

However, PTSD in children, especially very young children, the symptoms are differ form the ones in adults which may include:

  • Fear of being separated form their parent
  • Losing previously-acquired skills (such as potty-training)
  • Sleep problems and nightmares
  • Somber, compulsive play in which aspects of the trauma are repeated
  • New phobias and anxieties that seem unrelated to the trauma (such as fear of monsters)
  • Acting out the trauma through play, drawing and stories
  • Irritability and aggression
  • Aches and pain with no apparent cause


Things that can suddenly remind people of their trauma are called triggers. It can bring up stressful feelings or cause them to have flashbacks which means they feel like they are reliving the event all over again. Trying to avoid triggers is a normal reaction, it’s normal to stay away from things that cause you stress. But because of this, you may feel that you can’t do things you used to enjoy and this may be hard on you and your family.

It is important for people with PTSD to help their family understand PTSD because they may not always know how to respond when they see you hurting. Instead they may feel scared, sad, guilty or even angry about your situation.

Talk with your family especially with your children about your triggers. They need to know what causes you stress and makes sure they understand that they aren’t to blame for your PTSD.

Some common triggers include :

  • Places, social events or even smell and sound. For example smoke may trigger memories in someone who was hurt in fire, or car that backfires may remind a veteran of gunfire.
  • Being around others with who were involved in your traumatic event, this may happen when veterans have a reunion.
  • The anniversary of your traumatic event. Try to plan some enjoyable activities on and around the anniversary date. It may be help to be with friends or family.

Coping with Holidays

People with PTSD change after a trauma but everyone expects you to remain the same. Up until the day of the trauma, people around you have expectations for who you are, how you should behave and handle your trauma, what you will and will not do, and that you will make choices in alignment with their agenda. The stress and pressure of these expectations can be overwhelming, especially over the holidays.

A season of expected joyful conneWaysction is particularly tough if you are depressed, sleep-deprived, anxious, trigger sensitive and struggling to supress uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and memories.

Big holidays like Christmas and New Year can be stressful. Those holidays can be a painful reminder of past times when life seemed better. Big groups of family and friend are often part of holidays, which make this stressful because :

  • They tire you out or make you overwhelmed
  • You feel pressure to join family activities when you feel you’re not up for it
  • You feel like you have to act happy when you are not

Your loved ones might also ask questions about your life or about PTSD which may lead you to an uncomfortable feeling to answer those questions. But keep in mind that your family and friends may feel some of the same pressure.

Ways to avoid PTSD stress when you’re on Holidays

It is impossible to avoid the holidays altogether but having a plan for being in control of how you experience and manage them can be a big difference. You can :

  • Set limits by planning ahead. Maintain a sense of control and balance by choosing what you will do, how, when, in what way and with whom. Do not join activities for longer that you can handle. Put in place boundaries that support your choices and share this decisions to the rest of the family or friends so they know and understand your game plan.
  • Have an exit strategy. The best way to go into commitment is knowing you can get out. Take a break, go for walks or set aside a place you can be alone for a while. This can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. You even can get plenty of rest or take a nap if you feel you’re not have enough sleep at night.
  • Say NO. It is not your job to make everyone happy. Your number one task is make yourself on as even a keel as possible. To ensure your safety and to stay on your path to healing. It is absolutely OK to refuse requests or to modify your willingness to positively respond to them.
  • Do it your way. Friends and family might have their ideas about how and when and for how long each get together occurs, but you have the right to choose your level of engagement. For each event that you agree, ask yourself this question “what do I need to be able to manage this?” Then choose the most healthy options and implement regardless of how others respond. (For example, in the middle of a big family dinner you need 10 minutes alone to meditate and ground yourself, take the break even it will raises some eyebrows)
  • Be real. It is true that you can’t go to every party or family gathering with an enormous frown but you don’t have also to be the life of the party. Find a place of neutral that feels comfortable. Offer a smile, but stay within a true range of how you feel. Talk to your friends and family. Be honest with them about your stress, they can help you.
  • Just look at the next five minutes. Holiday season and each individual gathering can stretch out over the net month like a very long and steep road. Stop looking ahead. In every minute, focus on just the net five minutes. Keep your vision rooted in the present to reduce anxiety and conserve energy so that you spend your inner resources where they matter as often as possible.
  • Not drinking too much. Alcohol may make your symptoms worse or cause you trouble with your friends or family.
  • Finally, consider to make a visit to a health clinic and see if they have someone (or something) for you. Hydro Medical Bali provides first aid not only for physical but also mental illness. Don’t let your relapse ruin a long-planned holiday, take care of yourself and heal your inner self with a good counseling with our experts.

All year your friends and family have watched you struggle. They have, or in some cases have not, offered to help, support or accept the way your past continues to affect their presents. Holidays and PTSD are tough. But they are also a good place to explore, discover and identifying yourself of who you are and what is important and meaningful to you.

4 Bali Exciting Festivals this August that’ll make Your Vacation Amazing!

4 Bali Exciting Festivals this August that’ll make Your Vacation Amazing!


Kuta Sea Sand Land

Kuta Sea Sand Land will be held from August 15-19, 2019 to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day. Kuta Sea Sand Land gives meaning to the sea with a variety of potential and natural wealth. Sand as a symbol of diversity and land is a unity. The activities that are followed by all banjars in Kuta feature people’s parties, baleganjur parades, archipelago parades, arts and cultural attractions, international competitions, international music entertainment, Badung fashion carnivals, food festivals, youth activities, Kuta world flair championship, fruit carving competition, national artist performances.

In addition to increasing the potential of the Kuta area in supporting the Badung Regency tourism industry, the Kuta Sea Sand Land festival is also expected to be a glue between local communities from outside Bali and the International Community, exploring and preserving the arts and customs of the Kuta people in particular. The Kuta Sea Sand Land Festival in the Kuta beach area is joined by 45 participants and is supported by 13 banjars in the Kuta Traditional Village. The KSSL Festival showcases the diversity of Indonesia’s cultural richness.

This year’s Kuta Sea Sand Land carries the theme “Beauty of Diversity” which has the meaning of the sea with its various natural potentials and riches. This activity was held to develop the Kuta community innovation program through institutions such as traditional villages and tourism steak holders who took the initiative to promote Kuta tourism. A number of arts were performed by artists in the KDSL parade including Kecak dance, Legong Keraton, Barong Ket, creative dance performances from the Kuta Traditional Village and a carnival costume parade by the Pancer Langit Art Studio.

In addition, a number of arts from outside Bali such as Reog Ponorogo and Barongsai also performed to entertain thousands of spectators including foreign tourists who are in the Kuta area.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival

Returning this coming 16 – 17 August, The Ubud Village Jazz Festival will once again be held at the ARMA Museum garden, bringing another host of exciting musical legends to Ubud.

Celebrating the huge range of styles and sub-genres that Jazz music and the art of improvisation encompasses, this 2019 will carry the theme “Certainly Indonesia!”, which aligns with the 74th Celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, to bring up the spirit of optimism for a better Indonesia ahead.

Involving more than eight countries, the Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2019 will feature an eclectic array of performers across varied styles and generations from jazz legends, new artists to the scene and those at the height of their careers, once again creating one-of-a-kind stage not seen anywhere else. With musicians from Indonesia, Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Austria, France, South Korea, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has grown to become one of Bali’s most important cultural and community events, gaining a serious reputation across the globe and the jazz stratosphere.

Since the first edition in 2013, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has pushed to be an eco-friendly festival, and this year will be so more than ever. “Supporting the ban on single-use plastic to the heart of the city, during this prominent festival, is one of the many ways we give back to the community and take action to care for our environment,” said Anom Darsana, co-founder of the festival.

The Line Up

The stellar lineup promises the best in jazz—from traditional to contemporary and fusion, funk, smooth jazz, Latin jazz plus rhythm & blues—genres for every jazz lover. To name a few from Indonesia’s Jazz scene, the festival are thrilled to announce the presence of distinguished talents like the award-winning Sri Hanuraga Trio feat. Dira Sugandi, the funky-swing duo Yance Manusama & Otti Jamalus, saxophonist Anggi Harahap, the 18-piece HajarBleh Big Band from Jakarta, the voice of Surabaya native Nancy Ponto.

Coming back for your great pleasure are the Eurasian Quartet featuring Dian Pratiwi, and our co-founder and mentor, Yuri Mahatma with his project “Straight and Stretch”, Canadian Drummer who has resides in Bali for long time, Yvon Thieabault “Perpectives”, Kopi Jazz Kediri, Jazz community from Kediri, East Java. From the young generation, we have Jacob Jayasena, 13 years old pianist along with young female pianist, Nadine.

International jazz will be represented by critically acclaimed Aaron Goldberg Trio (with Matt Penn and Leon Parker) from the USA, South Korean Pete Jung QuartetMichaela Rabitsch & R. Pawlik Quartetsupported by the Austrian Embassy, Harry Mitchell TrioArcing Wires, and Caleb Fortuin with the Bali Mates (Future Leaders Jazz Award Winner) from Australia. From Russia Ilugdin Trio and New Centropezn Quartet, and, with the support of the Institut Francais d’Indonesie, Voyager 4

The Vibe at UVJF

UVJF is expected to draw more than 5,000 people over the two-day event and the experience is more than music. The design of the festival in the city centre allows festivalgoers to feel and to explore the “bohemian” atmosphere at downtown Ubud, strolling through streets full of restaurants and cafés, shops, art galleries and many more. Visitors also can take advantage of the local & International savoir-faire, as the festival will have about 30 booths, offering local product/handicrafts, music instrument exhibition, merchandise, food and drinks from some of the best spots/brand of the city and Bali.

Sanur Villlage Festival

Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is one of the biggest events in Bali. It’s a comprehensive celebration spanning for five days with various socio-cultural sub-events. From music shows to the food festival. There are more than a dozen activities for visitors to participate.

It’s an annual event and is held during summer. This year, Sanur Village Festival will be held from 21 – 25 August 2019. SVF is a festival established since 2006. The organizer, Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) has been helping the locals. Promoting and assisting in tourism subject in the area.

Sanur Village Festival main mission is to promote Sanur as one of the oldest tourist areas in Bali. Through the event, SVF attempts to promote another side of Sanur. Which does not lose its authenticity and local value. Despite the modern tourism industry. SVF strives to provide a platform for exhibitors for their art and creativity.

Among the participants are local artists and musicians. Sanur’s small and medium business, especially in the tourism industry, also take part. Over the years, Sanur Village Festival has become one of the most anticipated events in Bali. Attracting over 100,000 visitors in 2018 alone. SVF is among the list of Leading Tourism Event Of 2018 by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.


Tirta Gangga Festival

There is also the Tirta Gangga festival held on 24-26 August 2019. The main purpose of this one event is to promote the Tirta Gangga Park tourist attraction which has been known as one of the famous detonations in Karangasem Regency. In the festival art performances are displayed on the pond. The art that was staged was Cakepung which is a typical art of Karangasem in the form of narrated poetry. In addition, visitors can also watch the angklung parade that uses bamboo musical instruments such as kendang lanang wadon, gong lanang wadon, kempul, and other musical instruments. Other interesting performances are joged roofs, children’s baleganjur parades, and the pesantrian accompaniment parade.

Karangasem Regency, located in the east of Bali, has a number of global tourist attractions such as Tenganan Village, Candidasa, Tulamben, Amed, Besakih Temple, Mount Agung, to Tirtagangga. The trip to Karangasem can be reached by road via the bypass road of Ida Bagus Mantra Street for two hours from Ngurah Rai Airport. However, Karangasem is not very well known, especially by domestic tourists. Therefore, as revealed by Faried, the organization of the festival is expected to introduce Karangasem as a tourist destination, especially for domestic tourists.